Frequently Asked Questions

What I need to know when selling on 2nd chance

How do I sell my dress?

First, you will need to become a member of 2nd chance dresses. Once you are registered you can start selling any of all of your dresses – a wedding or debutante, and any style - formal to vintage. You simply complete a registration form so that prospective buyers know how to contact you and load your photo’s displaying your special dress. Simply click here and start your registration

How long will be dress be listed?

Your special dress or gown will appear for as long as it takes to sell. You will be able to see how any views your dress has received and at any time you can make amendments to the listing. We do ask, however that you help to keep our site up to date and advise us as soon as possible when your item has been sold so it can be removed.

What items can I sell?

Second Chance Dresses is all about giving your special dress a second chance for someone else to enjoy whether that be a wedding, debutante or even Mother of the Bride. And, the benefit to you is you can de-clutter your wardrobe and at the same time get some cash to buy a new WOW outfit.

What will it cost to list a dress?

To help you get the best financial return, we charge a once off fee of $15 and do not charge commission. What’s more, your listing has no expiry date so it will be listed for as long as you want until you get the price that you want.

What is your refund policy?

Once you have accepted the terms and conditions and payment processed, generally, fees are non-refundable. Whilst we take the best possible care, sometimes errors can occur outside our control, and any errors on our behalf or third parties may be eligible for a refund. If this happens to you please send an email to, or contact us via contact us.
Your listing fee does enable you to edit and change your dress listing at any time including copy or photographs.

What are your payment methods?

2nd Chance Dresses payment options include: credit card, cheque, pay pal or direct deposit.
If paying by direct deposit into our account, be sure to put your name in the transaction description field. This will allow us to match up your payment with your application. You will receive the account details via email, when you submit your listing:

What if the item is not attracting any interest?

2nd Chance Dresses will promote your dress via social media platforms and use the content that you provide, so special thought must be given to how you describe your special dress. Review your write up on your dress, include details such as whether it has a corset back as this is particularly important for debutante dresses when your buyers are still growing as some purchase their dress months in advance and might like the reassurances that they can let the dress in or out. Buyers also look for dresses that have been dry cleaned, as they are still making a big investment and want to know that there are no permanent stains on their special dress. You might also need to review your expectations on the sale price for your secondhand gown. Realistically you can expect to receive less than half back, but again that depends on the style, of your dress.

How can I attract more buyers?

2nd Chance Dresses promote extensively to the potential markets for weddings, debutantes and any teenager to older adult looking for a great second chance dress.
Using our platform, you can create your own WOW and here are a few ideas:

  • Facebook – copy your URL and share with your friends, and friends of friends
  • #2nd Chance Dresses – a new #2nd chance dresses is gaining momentum for our special dresses
  • Twitter – tweet your 2nd Chance Dress there might be someone out there want to give your dress another chance to shine
  • Forums – if you were part of a wedding, debutante or special occasion forum let them know about your unique dress. They will thank you for it – especially if it is just what they are after. A win – win?

Listing your dress

What Photo’s should I use for my advertisement?

Remember the photographs are what will sell the dress so professional photos are best. Photographs of only your dress, ie not a group photo, is suggested, and it is really important to show of the intrinsic details, ie beading, corset back. We recommend a full length shot and a close up detail. High resolution are critical. Dresses and photographs that meet the brief will feature on the first page, all others will show up in a search, so please be mindful of the quality of the image you upload.
Please ensure that you must the the copyright holder of the image when uploading

When will my listing appear on 2nd Chance Dresses?

Listings will appear immediately on our website, but will not appear on the landing page as a 'featured dress'. Our staff will receive notification of your listing and if it is found to breach any of the 2nd Chance Dresses terms and conditions will be removed immediately and the seller notified. Dresses will be amended as a 'featured dress' and appear on the front page once administration has viewed the listing and deems the dress listing, copy and photographs, are in line with our stringent requirements.

How to sell safely

What's the safest way to do business?

To avoid any possible scams, we suggest that you meet the buyer so they can inspect the dress. Some second chance dresses, particularly wedding gowns will be very expensive, so to avoid potential problems it is always best to trade with cash, paypal or direct deposit.
We strongly recommend that you do not mail the dress until the full amount has been received.

Trying on in your home

Please remember to be cautious when selling your dress and inviting people into your home for viewings. Some of our tips include:

  • Ask a friend or family member to be present at the same time. Another female might be best to ensure that the prospective buyer does not feel uneasy.
  • Be prepared for the visit and have everything out and ready – and any unnecessary jewellery or expensive items out of sight
  • Obtain as much contact information as you can about the buyer
  • Try to avoid people walking through your home and use the closest room available.
  • Be on hand to do up zippers and take steps to help the prospective buyer so that the dress is not damaged by make up or tight zippers.

Consider other options for the prospective buyer to try on the dress such as their place, or eithers places of work if this is practical.

Do you need to provide a refund?

As with most second hand sales you are not obligated to offer a refund. Please refer to the Consumer Affairs and equivalent government agencies to provide you with any advice if this should be required.

Selling tips

Be realistic about your price. People buying second hand would like to receive a discounted dress, and if you want the dress out of your wardrobe be realistic about the price you can expect to receive. Your buyer might be travelling across town, or organising for the dress o to be posted, and that takes time and effort from them as well.
Amend your listing if you are not getting any traction and enquiry interest. Refer to "What if my item is not attracting any interest" FAQ.
It goes without saying, never send your dress to a potential seller before you receive the money.
Promote your dress via social media platforms - twitter and Facebook. Though we make every effort to sell the dress on your behalf, we suggest that you continue to talk to your friends about your dress.
Don't forget to remove your listing when you sell your dress. This will stop people from contacting you after your dress has left your care and on it's next adventure.

Account Help

Forgotten your password?

It's ok, I cannot tell you how many passwords I have misplaced too!
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